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1. The 2023 AGM was held at Ulverstone TAS on 11 Mar 23. Minutes of that meeting can be viewed/downloaded via the Members Only web page. The next AGM will be held at Goolwa, SA on 2 Mar 24.
2. 2024 Rally at Goolwa SA - The 2024 AAR Annual Rally will be held at Goolwa SA, which is on the mouth of the Murray River. Rally will be run from the Discovery Holiday and Caravan Park in Fluerieau Peninsular. Accommodation at the park has been reserved for rally participants, so anyone wanting to book houses, cabins or powered caravan sites will need to contact the park receptionist on 08) 8555 2144.
3.AAR Travellers' Pack contacts
4. Ariel Posters (no longer available through AAR but still available from Germany AOMCC branch representative)
5.Other Club Events
6. A.A.R. Polo Shirts (also see regalia in main menu)
7. Membership Renewal. Members now have options on how they wish to renew membership. Details are on the Membership web page in the main menu.
8. Updating A.A.R. Bike Data Base
9. Patrick Castel, Editor of UK Vintage Motorcycle News has released a Special Edition devoted to Ariel motorcycles. Patrick has kindly given approval for the AAR to share this edition with its members. To download a pdf version of this full colour newsletter, go to Notice 6 in the Members Only web page (a large file approx 114MB).

Rare Parts Locally Made:

W&P Barrels. Barry Deeth has commissioned a pattern for casting Ariel veteran barrels . Anyone who needs a new barrel for a veteran should contact Barry on (07) 32661548 or send the Secretary an email and he will pass on details. Click here to view details.

Bronze Rocker Box - Cast-Iron Square 4.. A new pattern has been made and 20 new boxes were cast cast in manganese bronze, machined, and all were sold. Unfortunately, a machinist was notable to be found to do a second production run, but blank castings are available from Manx Classic Spares for anyone who wants to arrange their own machining. Blank castings are $225 each, plus shipping/postage. Anyone wanting a blank should contact Greg Ditchfield at Manx Classic Spares on 0408 503 920 or email:

New Billot Square 4 Con Rods.. Bennet Longman of Ironhorse Spares UK ( Website) now has new billet conrods for Square 4 engines. Only avaliable as a set of 4 for around AUD $1200 (includes shipping). Email Ben at

Alloy Square 4 Rocker Box to fit Cast-Iron 4G. New Aluminium rocker boxes for cast-iron Square 4 are now available from Draganfly. Click here to view details.

VH Alloy Head. New VH head now available form UK. . Click here to view details.

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Know the Birth History of Your Ariel: Get to know how your Ariel started out from the factory by obtaining a dating certificate from Draganfly UK for 14.95 (10% less if sent as an attachment to an email for you to print out). The dating certificate will provide the original configuration information, plus dispatch details (where the bike was first sent). If your bike is not in the factory engine and frame configuration, the dating certificate will clarify original numbers for you. Well worth pursuing for such a modest cost. Draganfly order number for dating certificates is DAT92: email is

AAR National Rally: The next AAR rally is in South Australia (2024). Go to the rally web page via the main menu for more details.

Membership renewals for 2023 are now open. Check details on the Membership web page.

New Club President . At the 2023 AGM, John Deeth was elected as the new AAR Club President. Before his election to President, John was the AAR's QLD State Representative amd also the Club's Archivist. Former President, Brian Fleming has taken over those two Assistant Committee positions.

Change to AAR Committee Position: The Assistant Committee position of Regalia Officer has now been absorbed by the Rally Director. Regalia will be on sale at future rallies. Any person wanting regalia items outside of the rally should contact the Rally Director ( or the Secretary.

Shannons- for all motor cycle, car and home insurance. Ph 13 46 46

Notice - Stolen Bike and Trailer

The motorcycle trailer owned by former AAR President and life member was stolen from his home in Queanbeyan on Saturday night, 23 Apr 22. Click here for details.


The Australian Ariel Register (A.A.R.) is an Incorporated Association (A0030096D, Incorporated in Victoria, Australia) that offers membership to any person who owns or has an interest in Ariel Motorcycles. Click here to read about the formation of the A.A.R. Click here to view the Honour Board of past Committee members.

AAR National Rally - entry forms for the annual rally are normally provided with the Spring edition of the Club's magazine, but can also be downloaded from the Rally Home Page (access via the Annual Rally menu key in the main menu), once the rally sub-committee has released the form (usually this occurs in October each year).

If you have any spare Ariel motorcycle parts, you may be able to help A.A.R. members keeping Ariels on the road. Click the 'Wanted' list on the 'Advertisements' page to see what parts A.A.R. members need help in obtaining.

Members wishing to place a notice or advertise through the AAR should contact the Secretary for placing advertisements/notices on the AAR web or the Editor for placing advertisements/notices in the Horse's Mouth magazine. This free service is not available to non-members.

The Ariel Archives that contain information on Ariel motorcycles has been copied from the master CD into an Ariel Archives directory on the AAR web. This directory contains the information previously only available by purchasing a USB. Members can now access the Ariel Archives director' by clicking here and applying the access codes listed on the back of the current year Membership card. On opening the Archives USB directory there will be an index of all folders and files in the directory. This information is not avalaible to non-members. Access codes to this directory are changed on 1 January of each year. A USB copy can still be purchased from the Archivist.

Notice to web builders and general business providers: This web site is for use by Club members and Ariel motorcycle enthusiasts. It is not online for the purpose of generating income or attracting business in any form as it is purely a hobby site. Please do not contact any Committee members offering business services as you will not receive any response.


Canberra Swap Meet Sunday 29th October 2023 at Hall Showground,Gladstone Street, Hall ACT. Click here for details.