The Australian Ariel Register

A.A.R. Archivist:
John Deeth
Phone: (07) 32667760
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The A.A.R. Archives is a collection of literature on many Ariel motorcycle, cycle and tricycle models. This information has been compiled into a DVD and onto a suite of five CDs. The suite of archive files has also been compiled onto a USB stick. These media are available to A.A.R. members for a small cost. To obtain a copy of the DVD, set of CDs, or a USB stick, contact the Archivist by phone or e-mail. Costs for the DVD and CDs are detailed in the links below, which also shows a table of contents of the information available on each.

CD/DVD stocks are limited and will not be remade. Future archive material will only be available on USB sticks. Some technical information is availabe to members only through the username and password protected Members Only section that can be accessed from the main menu.

A.A.R. CD Set