The Australian Ariel Register

A.A.R. Archivist:
Brian Fleming
Phone: (07) 33671690
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The A.A.R. Archives is a collection of literature on many Ariel motorcycle, cycle and tricycle models. This information was originally compiled into a DVD and onto a suite of five CDs. Because there was very little demand forthe CDs and DVDs, the suite of archive files can be obtained on a USB stick that is available from the Archivist for a cost of $25. The links below to the CD Set and DVD show a listing of what is on the USB, plus more techincal information has been added to the list in the form of multipage individual files, similat to those that can be downloaded from the Members Only web page.

The set of files on the CD/DVD are scanned images of individual pages. While they are legible, they are not sequenced into a single document (i.e. cannot scrol through pages) and would need to be printed off and collated into a booklet. Based on the very few requests for copies of the CD/DVD, there is no intention by the Club to do this for all of the files, which would require copying and pasting several hunder pages..

Online Access to Ariel Archives USB. The Archive files are now stored in a password protected directory on the AAR website. These files can only be accessed online by members who are currently financial. To enter the directory, click HERE and when asked for Username and Password, enter the details that appear on the back of the current year membership card. When the directory web page opens, there will be a menu (index) listing of pdf files that can be opened by clicking on the file. CD/DVD files are also in the USB directory. As the webpage link is to an index of files, those files can only be downloaded individually (total volume of all files in the directory is approx 1GB).


A.A.R. CD Set.