The Australian Ariel Register - Online Membership Renewal Form

This form allows AAR members to renew their membership online, but requires members to make prior payment separate through a direct deposit at a Commonwealth bank or by Electronic Funds Transfer via Internet banking. On completion of the form, submit it to the Club via the 'Submit Form' window at the bottom of this web page. The form will be automatically on-forwarded to the Secretary and you should see a listing of the information that was submitted. Additonal comments may be added in the comments box at the bottom of the form. Please fill in details on Ariel bikes owned so the register of bikes in maintained and up to date, and this ensures there is no duplication in the list of Ariel bikes known to exist in Australia. Reason for seeking bike details is because the information is used to compile the annual listing of Ariel bikes, by year and model, and this list is made available for AAR members to view on the secure (password protected) Members Only page of the AAR web. The published list of bikes does not contain any information on engine numbers, frame numbers or ownership. Members who only provide year and model data will not have their entries recorded in the bike list as those bikes may very well have been previously recorded by former owners and that would result in corrupted data being used to compile the list.

Some early versions of Internet Explorer and other early browsers may not capture the text data you enter and instead open a blank email when you try to submit the form. If this occurs, your browser is not compatible with the electronic form format and you will need to download the Word-file renewal form (i.e. Name_Renewal_Form_EFT_1.doc) by clicking here, fill in details, resave (replacing your name in place of 'Name'), attached to an email, and send it to the Secretary.

If you believe your contact details on the register are up to date, you may enter only your name, member no and email contact, then select 'No Change' in the drop down menu box for the remainder. Before submitting this renewal, ensure you complete bank deposit/transfer details (last 3 data entires in the form). The current annual subscription is $25. The AAR's Commonwealth Bank account details are:

BSB: 062913
Account Number: 10083043
Account Name: The Australian Ariel Register

Input data boxes with an asterisk (*) must have details entered. These details have been made compulsory to ensure that the e-form received by the Club can be reconciled against the member making the submission.

Contact Details* (Yes or No): Select 'Yes' to allow other members to be passed your contact details on request or 'No' to restrict visibility to AAR committee members only. If no selection is made it will be assumed 'YES'.


Full Name*
Email*: Enter Membership Number (if known

If you believe your personal details below are up-to-date in the Membership Data Base, you can select 'No Change' in the drop down menu box and skip entering data in those boxes.

Partner's Name (Optional)
Street Address or Post Box:
Town/Suburb: State or Teritory: Post Code:
Phone Number: Mobile Number: Date of Birth:


Enter Details of Ariel bikes owned in the table below. If you need to add more than 5 bikes' details, enter data in the comments box at the bottom of this form (insert a colon (';') and a space ' ' after each datam entry and '/ ' after the frame number entry (to separate that bike's data from additional bikes). If you do not have any Ariel bikes, you may like state this in the comments box (optional). Do not enter details for other makes. If you have sold an Ariel bike since your details were last updated, list the bike sold and the purchaser in the comments box.

If you believe your bike details in the Register are up-to-date , you can select 'No Change' in the adjacent drop down menu box and skip entering data in the table.



Date of Transaction*:

Transaction Identifier - Description sent to recipient's bank (please include your initial and surname - do not list transaction number as that does not appear in the Club's account):

Amount Deposited or Transferred*:

COMMENTS: Enter any additional information in the comments box below.

After submitting this form via the 'Submit Form' button below, the data transmitted will appear in your web browser as a column of text. To save the information, right click on your mouse, then click on 'Save Page As...' and in the Save as type dialogue box, select 'All Files', click 'Save' and it will save the displayed text as a text file on your hard drive (in the folder where you chose to save it).