The Australian Ariel Register

Anyone having difficulty with any of the electronic membership form should contact the secretary on (02) 62420495 or email

2021 Membership Renewal:  The 2021 membership renewal is due on 1 Jan 21.   Fees for 2021 are $25. When completing the renewal from, please update your list of Ariel bikes owned so the register is accurate for Ariel bikes known to be in Australia.  Members with Internet Banking are encouraged to renew through the online e-from at: Alternatively, members wishing to submit a renewal form by email can download the Word form by clicking here, fill it in and save it, then email to the Secretary and make an EFT to the Clubs bank account (details are on the Word form).

Membership of the Australian Ariel Register (A.A.R.) runs from 1 January to 31 December. Membership fees are $25/year, plus $10 joining fee for the first year. A hard copy application membership form can be downloaded by clicking on the 'Membership Application Form' link ( in blue font) , or joining members can apply online by completing and submitting a 'membership application e-form' via the link below (blue font). New members joining the Club after 1 October will be provided with membership for the remainder of that year, plus the next year.

The Club holds an annual rally, usually around the last weekend in March. Members receive a quarterly magazine. Click here to view an example magazine.

Membership Application Form (for new members joining the A.A.R. - returning members should use the renewal form below). Click on the title to download a Word version of the membership application form. To apply on line, click on this e-form link: membership application e-form.

Membership renewal forms are sent out to financial members with the Horses Mouth magazine (initial renewal will be issued with the Spring Edition at the end of October when magazine space permits, or otherwise with the Summer Edition at the end of January each year). A final reminder will be sent with the Autumn Edition of the magazine to those members who haven't renewed by 30 June. However, members may also renew membership by downloading a renewal from by clicking on the Membership Renewal Form link.

Membership Renewal Form (for existing or returning members to renew their membership)

Online Membership Renewal Form (for existing members who wish to renew by paying fees directly into the Club's bank account). This form requires the Members Only access codes to be entered before the form will open. The e-form contains instruction for paying subscriptions by direct deposit and for completing and submitting renewals online.