The Australian Ariel Register

Members Only Page Access Codes Notice:


PASSWORD: pixie[50]

Access codes valid 1 May 18 - 31 Jul 18

Members Only Page- User Policy

Conditions for Use: Members may download and save any information contained in the Members Only page. However, members are reminded that any information contained in the Members Only page is not for release to non-members without prior approval of the AAR Committee (see note below on IP Copyright). Members are requested not to pass access codes on to any person for any reason. Members should notify the Secretary if any person asks to be given access codes.

Procedure for Opening Members Only Page: To access the Members Only page, click on' Members Only' in the main menu on the left hand side of this web page. This will open a dialogue box asking for username and password. Enter the username and password shown in the notice on the right hand side this web page.

Security of Access Codes: Username and Password codes for accessing the Members Only page will be changed regularly (generally these codes will be changed to coincide with the issue of each edition of the magazine). New access codes for the Members Only page will only appear in the notice on this web page. Access codes on membership cards (for gaining entry to this web page) will be changed on 1 January every year. Members who don't renew by 31 December for the following year will have to wait until they renew in the new year to have the acces codes for this webpage

Intellectual Property (IP) Copyright: Information on the Members Only web page has been derived from several sources and some of it may be subject to IP copyright conditions, while other information is only pertinent to Club business.  Information held by the Club that might be subject to IP Copyright is for Club use only and is not to be reproduced in full and passed on to third parties.  Because the original source of information and the possibility of it being subject to IP Copyright is not known, the content of the Members Only web page is to be treated with the same respect as that which is protected by IP Copyright. This also is the case when members obtain archival information on a USB. The fee paid for that service is not for the purchase of the information, but payment for the medium by which it is being delivered.  Members are asked to comply with the user policy to protect the Club and its Committee from possible litigation