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Manx Classic Spares now has Ariel footrests and supports for sale, plus early model Square 4 rocker covers. Click here to view the footrest advertisement. Click here to view the rocker cover advertisement.

For Sale:

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Shed Full of Ariel Parts (WA)
Three Ariel Motorcycles for sale from Vintage Steel in WA. Click on model to view advertisement:1951/1948 VG; 1954 VH;1928 Model C/D. Listed prices are negotiable.
1954 VH (NSW)
1955 VH (NSW)
As new, lady's helmet jacket and gloves (ACT)
Square 4 Swinging Arm Project (VIC)
1938 Square 4 with Sidecar (NSW)
1950 Square 4 (NSW)
1951 VH with Sidecar (TAS)
1954 HS Competition (NSW)
New Rocker Box Spring Clips and Clutch Domes (SA)
Early Square 4 Rocker Covers (VIC)
Quality Australian-Made VH Crankcases
Quality Australian-Made Ariel 350cc/500cc cam followers
Ariel Member's Rare Triumph T85 for Sale (VIC)
Ariel Parts - MODAK Motorcycles (VIC)
Ariel Posters (Germany)
Universal Oil Coolers (USA)
Ariel Parts (various)
Single Spares (UK AOMCC)


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Click here to view wanted advertisements.
Persons in need of Ariel parts should aslo check the AAR Chat Room Forum and list their needs on the Forum. Click here to access the Forum.

Classic Motorcycle Insurance:

NRMA Classic Insurance - Ph: 1800 646 605
Shannons- Ph 13 46 46